Is It Too Early to Get Cosmetic Dentistry for My Child/Teen?

teenage girl with bright smile

Most young people today are sifting through social media and finding many impressive things from their favorite influencers. One of the main assets they may find is a bright smile! While these kinds of treatments are certainly effective, you may wonder if your child is too young for cosmetic dentistry altogether. Keep reading to learn a few procedures they may be able to get, and one that they probably shouldn’t.


The most common issue children and teens face are misaligned teeth, and orthodontic treatments are the best solution. If you’re looking for a more discreet way to correct your child’s smile, then you’ll likely consider Invisalign as the go-to option. Not only is it a quicker process, but your child will be able to enjoy their daily life without feeling the need to hide their teeth!

Dental Bonding

While direct bonding can also brighten pearly whites, it’s mainly designed to provide a touch-up for minor imperfections—like mild cracks, chips, and stains. Since your teen is just as likely to accidentally damage their teeth as any adult, getting a dental bonding wouldn’t be an issue for their age.


If you’re looking for the ultimate method of completely improving your smile, then porcelain veneers are the answer. However, you should understand that this is a near permanent treatment, as a small portion of tooth enamel will be removed for the porcelain shells—an irreversible process. Whether your child’s adult teeth are all present or they have an aesthetic issue that needs treatment, you might want to consult your dentist if this option would be best for them.

Which Cosmetic Dental Treatment Should They Not Get?

Even though it’s the most convenient and affordable procedure to get, you should avoid getting your child or teen teeth whitening treatment. Speak with your dentist about any at-home kits before letting them use it, as the chemicals can actually make a growing child’s teeth appear worse over time. Your dentist may advise that they only receive a whitening procedure when their teeth have fully matured, which is usually after age 16.

Most cosmetic dental treatments can be beneficial for both children and adults, but some should be held off until a person’s smile begins to naturally discolor with age. Feel free to speak with your dentist, and they’ll be more than happy to discuss your child’s options!

About the Author

Dr. Patrick Pirkle is a proud member of the American Society of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry, and the Florida and American Dental Associations. He earned his dental degree from the Nova Southeastern University Dental School and stays updated on the latest advancements in dentistry. He provides multiple comprehensive dental treatments, including cosmetic care to beautify smiles. If you want to know if your child or teen is old enough for cosmetic dentistry, feel free to visit his website or call 772-388-0088.

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