Here Are Seven Varieties of Tooth Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Tooth pain can be unbearable at times. If you’ve ever bitten down too hard, been hit in the mouth while playing sports, or woken up due to a toothache, it is a tough situation to endure.

If you experience any of the toothache symptoms or other issues discussed below, you should take action instead of ignoring the pain. Read on to learn what problems necessitate you should call your dentist in Sebastian.

Intense Pain

If you feel a sharp pain that seems to increase in intensity over time, consider that you might have a cavity. Feeling pain when you bite down on something is a strong indicator. When a cavity is left unchecked, the tooth can become infected. Over the long term, the tooth could require a root canal or extraction when a small filling would’ve addressed the problem earlier in the process.


If a tooth begins to hurt or the pain level rises, you may have bruxism. This condition results from someone clenching or grinding their teeth, usually at night while they are sleeping. If your tooth suddenly becomes more sensitive to extreme temperatures or when you are eating something containing sugar, it could indicate that you have a cavity.

Tooth Discoloration

Staining and discoloration of teeth happen naturally with age or due to a variety of other factors. But if one or more teeth are changing colors amid a prolonged toothache, there could be an active infection and the tooth pulp is at risk of dying. The presence of pus is an indication of infection.

Swollen Glands

When an infected tooth coincides with swollen glands, infection is potentially spreading to other parts of the body. Since your vital organs could become involved, this is a potentially life-threatening situation. Seek medical attention immediately.

Loose Tooth

If a toothache results in a loose tooth, it’s a strong indication of a problem. It could mean late-stage periodontal disease. Time is of the essence for your dentist to attempt to save your tooth and stop the infection.

Gum Tissue Is Bloody or Swollen

Bleeding and swelling can happen in your mouth sometimes, but if they occur in conjunction with a toothache, it could indicate periodontal disease. This can develop because of poor oral hygiene or other issues. On a positive note, early-onset gum disease can be treated if it is caught soon enough.

Bad Breath or Taste

When you have bad breath that won’t go away or a constant unpleasant taste, these are potential symptoms of an abscessed tooth. When a tooth gets infected, toxins are released, and it can cause these symptoms.

While some are more urgent than others, all these symptoms indicate a developing problem in your mouth that needs dental attention. Don’t wait to give your emergency dentist in Sebastian a call so that your smile can be restored to full health!

About the Author

Dr. Patrick Pirkle earned his dental doctorate at Nova Southeastern University and he’s a member of the American Dental Association. Dr. Pirkle grew up with lots of family members who worked in dentistry – his grandfather and his father were both dentists, while his grandmother and mother worked as a dental receptionist and an assistant, respectively. Plus, his fiancé is a dental hygienist. Dr. Pirkle encourages you to take dental pain seriously and have an exam just to make sure everything will be alright. If you need an emergency dentist, give us a call as soon as possible at (772) 388-0088 or you can schedule a general appointment on our website.

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